The Help Desk plays an important part in the provision of IT Services. It is very often the first contact the business users have when their use of IT services does not work as expected. As a single point of contact for end users who need assistance, the Help Desk operation is a process driven support discipline to ensure proper handling of requests and incidents that are monitored for measurement reporting and continual process improvement.

ASTC offers different types and levels of Help Desk services. The selection of which services is dependent upon your business requirements. Some Help Desks provide a simple call logging function and escalate or dispatch calls to more experienced staff. Others Help Desks provide a high degree of analytical and technical skills with the ability to resolve most incidents at the time that the business user reports them.

ASTC delivers the first line of support for your business, but also provides in depth technical support for escalated incidents to resolution:

Tier 1 Technical Support/ Help Desk Services

  1. Receive all calls and e-mails on incidents within your organization
    2. Record the incidents into a database for tracking and reporting purposes
    3. Prioritize the incidents based upon the impact to your business
    4. Search for a ‘work around’ for quick resolution
    5. Escalate incidents to your or our more technically trained personnel based upon the level of service you would like us to provide
    6. Update the end user on the resolution progress

Tier 2 Technical Support/ Help Desk Services

Usually an escalation of the call from Tier I, more complex support and subject matter expertise is provided to resolve incidents. Depending on the service needed, Technicians may perform functions onsite at the customer location or utilize remote control tools to take over the user’s machine for the sole purpose of troubleshooting and finding a solution to the problem.
1. Prioritize troubleshooting efforts based upon Tier I recommendations and the business needs to ensure Service Level Agreement targets are met.
2. Analyze the escalated problems that Tier I could not resolve for validity and known solutions.
3. Resolve technical issues
4. Update databases reporting on the progress of resolution so the customer is aware of the resolution status.
5. Escalate problems that are not able to be resolved to Tier III Technicians.

Tier 3 Technical Support/ Help Desk Services

The highest level of expertise and research is utilized to resolve problems that could not be solved by Tier I and II Technicians. It is at this level of service where resolution of a problem may come from consulting or advisory support with the customer.
1. Supports complex hardware and network operating systems issues.
2. Support for software applications that cannot be resolved by tier 1 or 2.
3. Develop new applications and the associated supporting infrastructure.
4. Advise Tier 1 and 2 on process/procedures/work-arounds.