ASTC’s cyber risk assessments deliver actionable recommendations to improve security, using industry best practices & the best technology available.

When it comes to data breach prevention, what you don’t know can hurt you. Your company faces IT risk daily – whether you’re fending off internal threats or enhancing protection against external intrusions.

How well are you balancing your need to lock down data with tighter security controls, while providing your team with practically effortless access to the information that drives your success? You can never be sure of your security stance unless you’re conducting periodic security assessments.

At ASTC, we apply years of data breach prevention expertise to our cyber risk assessments, helping you identify potential vulnerabilities and implement sound data breach prevention practices for effectively securing your sensitive information. Because we are ‘technology agnostic,’ our focus is solely on performing as your advocate in the complex world of Information Technology.

ASTC’s IT Risk Assessment team consists of career security professionals, individuals who pride themselves in their facility with cutting edge technology and sophisticated tools as well as in having the keen instinct of seasoned criminal investigators.

Our experts are Certified Information Systems Auditors, Certified Information Security Managers, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, and Certified Ethical Hackers. They are experts people who speak the same language as your internal IT staff, and who can perform the in-depth analysis your busy IT staff doesn’t have the time or resources to conduct.

Security assessments accurately define your potential for exposure

Performing security assessments for commercial clients and government agencies, ASTC’s information security experts employ tested techniques, industry best practices, and the best of commercial and proprietary technologies to:

  • Identify, monitor, and analyze information-related vulnerabilities effectively
  • Help you determine methods to manage or resolve data security risks
  • Spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues
  • Prioritize remediation steps into an effective plan based on your company’s specific goals, schedule, and budget

Information risk assessments: One size does not fit all

At ASTC, we recognize the key to successful information risk assessments and data breach prevention is achieving and maintaining the right security level for your organization. Our data breach prevention experts offer a full range of internal and external risk assessments to evaluate your systems, applications, and processes for a variety of vulnerabilities, including:

  • Enterprise IT risk assessments and analysis
  • Network security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Physical security assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web application testing
  • Wireless assessments
  • Policy assessment and design

ASTC works with your IT department and internal IT security staff to analyze your system from a top-level perspective, looking for patterns to determine what’s driving the vulnerabilities we’ve identified. Finally – and most importantly – the ASTC IT Risk Assessment team will translate our findings into actionable improvement initiatives for your business, with a list of prioritized recommendations.

Information Assurance and Cyber Security Architecture

At ASTC, we focus on ensuring that our clients and their customers’ intellectual data are protected from current and future security threats.

We strive to safeguard sensitive data by protecting existing applications as well as implementing processes which ensure that new applications are designed, developed and deployed to provide maximum protection of sensitive data. Our security services provide privacy and reliability through such processes as authentication and authorization. We specialize in cleanly executed Security Architecture and Design and well-crafted Security Event Correlation and Analysis. Our Security Engineers are experience implementing Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Validations and are actively involved in the Risk Mitigation and Reduction. Our team ensures our clients successfully navigate Security Compliance requirements to include the Risk Management Framework, annual audit, incident response and forensics. We are experiencing in providing security awareness training.

Specific Cyber Security Service Offerings Include:

  • Enterprise Security and Compliance Assessments
  • Incident Response & IT Forensics
  • Security Policy and Strategic Planning
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Security Audit
  • Security Awareness Training and Education
  • Security Practitioners