Program Management Office (PMO) Support

ASTC offers a complete range of program management operations and program assessment capabilities designed to maximize the effectiveness of operations and ensure our clients achieve their program objectives.

We have expertise with federal clients in this area and understand client-specific issues and challenges as practitioners and experienced managers. This service includes:

  • PMO design and set-up, which includes key role fulfillment, policies and procedures development, requirement development and analysis, and investment planning
  • PMO operations and performance, which includes organization alignment, budget and schedule management, earned value management, integrated master schedule development and maintenance, capital planning and investment control, performance management and metrics, managing meetings, strategic communications, change management and risk and issue management
  • Program assessments, which include program strategy, planning, execution and management
  • Program administration services to assist with day-to-day management of large programs

IV&V Services

ASTC provides IV&V Services for the PMOs in the areas of risk management, cost control, schedule establishment and adherence and mission performance. To accomplish these tasks, ASTC uses an integrated approach with PMBoK standards. For the technical side, we review and analyze the risks with the systems technology and architecture, systems integration plans, deployment plans, pilot implementation plans, application integration plans, system capability maps, legacy transition plans, interface development plans, testing plans and associated documentation.

Strategic Planning & Management Support

We provide invaluable insight and guidance to achieve the most effective and successful results. ASTC is a “trusted advisor”—whether it is developing a strategy; identifying requirements and evaluating and selecting the right service providers; developing, negotiating, implementing or improving sourcing contracts; or managing and refining what is already in place. We successfully assist our clients with the following services:

  • Acquisition Strategic Sourcing– We develop a comprehensive, collaborative understanding of the initial strategy and allocated budget.
  • Market Research– We obtain industry information and feedback through research and RFI response analysis.
  • Requirements Definition– We assist in defining requirements for the procurement and analyze alternatives (when appropriate), then develop the schedule and timeline.
  • Acquisition Planning– We develop Requests for Proposal (RFP), Requests for Quote (RFQ), Performance Work Statements (PWS), Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE), Statements of Objectives (SOO), Statements of Work (SOW), Justification & Approval (J&A), etc.
  • Conduct Procurement– We issue solicitation documents to industry, prepare for and conduct industry days, and respond to vendor questions.
  • Source Selection Support– We provide technical advice and counsel to government source selection officials.
  • Oversight and Management– We assist in oversight of an awarded vendor(s) throughout the life of their contract(s) by assuring adherence to the scope, schedule, budget, reporting requirements, PWS, etc.

Application Portfolio Analysis & Management

Portfolio Management is a collection of information, metrics, processes and governance that enables significant decision support capabilities about technology investments. In its purest form, it includes the “legacy” as well as the “new development” environments and planned investment environments. Our consultants provide this portfolio analysis and management solution by:

  1. Analyzing IT Applications details, such as technology used, alignment with the business mission and business value.
  2. Comparing with industry best practices, identify gaps and recommend strategies for application consolidation, migration and integration.
  3. Prioritizing investments and balance their resources.
  4. Provide a roadmap for the risk mitigated implementation plan.